Tracey Stokes

“I had had back problems for 7 or 8 years before I met Patrick. Despite having seen various consultants and having had MRI scans and X-rays, I had never understood exactly what was wrong with my back or how to sort it out. I was exercising – but not doing exactly the right exercises nor keeping the right postures which would help me most effectively. 

Patrick was able to answer my questions straight away and then carried out some physical therapy and suggested an exercise programme to make me more flexible and stop the pain that I was suffering. He also met with my personal trainer, so that an exercise programme which was specifically designed to improve my back could be agreed and put into place.

Within 3 months of treatment, my back has improved significantly. I am more flexible and pain free. At last I understand what was wrong, how to sort my problem out and how to maintain it. He is very knowledgeable, his treatments are successful and he’s a nice guy. I thoroughly recommend him.”

Dr Robert Wareing

“I have been most impressed by range of skills demonstrated by Patrick Janes. I was referred to him because I was suffering acute and chronic pain in my foot (caused by a neural problem known as Morton’s Neuroma). This made it extremely difficult to walk. Using his wealth of experience, Patrick constructed an orthotic inner-sole … and as if by magic, the pain receded and now does not bother me unduly. I have thus been able to avoid neural surgery …and was able to walk again in the Dolomites … Patrick is a first class Physio and first class guy!”

Trip Whitney

“I currently play for QPR ladies and in pre-season slightly tore my hamstring. It was critical to get back in time before the season begun. On a recommendation I gave Patrick a ring. The knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm I received was brilliant. I will continue to receive maintenance here due to getting great results! I made the beginning of the season.”


Fran Owen, London Marathon (3 hrs 23 mins)

“During my preparation for the 2014 London Marathon I started getting troubled by shin splints, tight ITBs and adductor tightness. My parents have both used Patrick for training for years, so I turned to him for physiotherapy advice. After a couple of sessions and being shown some great glut strengthening exercises, I was back on track with my training. Thanks Patrick for helping me achieve my goal!”

Austen Constable

“After a life time of hating running I picked it up at the end of 2014 to get some exercise and lose a bit of weight. After a couple of months of building up the distance I began to enjoy myself and decided to enter the London Bupa 10,000 as something to aim for. I picked a sub 55 min 10k training plan on Run-keeper which built up the distance over time to run 16km on a regular basis. The week before my first race I decided a 10k was no longer the challenge I originally thought and signed up for the St Albans half marathon which was a few weeks later. The 10k and the half went well and I finished in 51min and 2hrs 03mins respectively. Throughout my training my knees occasionally ached a bit but it wasn’t painful and I dismissed this to acclimatise distance running, that all changed after the half.

My first post-half run a few days later was a disaster, my right knee was painful and I was really struggling to run at any pace. I kept persevering and bought a knee support, after 3 weeks I got to the point where I could only run 1km before my right knee became so painful that I had to stop and massage it in order to continue the next km. Just as I was beginning to think that I wasn’t built for running I heard about my employers BacktoBetter service, which after a consultation over the phone referred me to Patrick.

During my first visit, Patrick talked through my ailment and after performing some simple tests quickly identified the problem. He then explained the mechanics of running and what was happening in my case, essentially my knees had seized up due to lack of stretching and I was imbalanced due to some muscles being stronger than others. He went on to prescribe a series of exercises to help address the problem and recommended that I take a break from running while I recover. After a few weeks of daily exercise the pain had subsided and I was starting to feel more flexible.

After 4 weeks I had started to run shorter distances without problem. I continued to see Patrick every 6 weeks and with each visit he would recommend extensions to my exercises along with ensuring I was on track and achieving my running goals. Over a period of around 4 months my knee pain became a distant memory and I developed stronger and more balanced muscles. I could literally feel my legs getting stronger and just fly up stairs like never before. The day before discharge I completed my second half marathon with a time of 1 hour 47 mins, 16 minutes faster than my first with no pain or problems. Since then I’ve started training for my first full marathon and continue to run long distances every weekend. Throughout my time with Patrick he went above and beyond not just to resolve my problem but also to leave me in far better shape than he found me. I hope that I don’t need to return due to injury, but if I do I will not hesitate to use Patrick again.”

Matthew Childs

“After pulling both my hamstrings during the London marathon I called Patrick after seeing his number listed in the official marathon magazine. Patrick is very knowledgeable and friendly and he found a diagnosis for my injury within my first session. He provided a step by step treatment for me to carry out at home and advice on how to prevent injuries in the future. Now a year on, I’m back in training for the marathon again and can tell I massive difference due to the advice he provided. I used to have to wear knee supports on both legs due to pain I suffered within minutes of starting my run. I can now happily run for an hour pain free with no support. Would definitely recommend him to any fellow runners.”

Amy, Horse Jumping

“My daughter Amy who is a keen dancer and also loves to horse ride both socially and competitively suddenly  had a pain in the back of her ankle and bottom of her foot. We took Amy to see Patrick, after the diagnosis Patrick provided a series of exercises to be performed regularly and also pre dance and horse riding stretches to improve the flexibility and to build up the muscles and tendon around the base, and ankle.

Patrick also recommended a particular type of insole to be worn at all times which would position the foot correctly and enhance the stability and as my daughter is still growing  and this would support the foot position and build up the strength as her muscles continue to grow.

We have been delighted with Patrick’s help and professional guidance, which has made a huge improvement to Amy’s condition. This has made a significant improvement to Amy’s day to day activities and although its a longer term fix we are confident that we continue with the advice from Patrick that the condition will be cured.  In our opinion Patrick is very professional with a friendly persona and we would not hesitate to recommend him to friends or family”

Stephen Newing

“I went to see Patrick after a couple of months of problems I was having with my left Adductor. It was really causing me some issues after every run I was doing, I was struggling to even balance on one leg, it was causing me that much agony Patrick put me on a 10 week programme in order to help me recover. I remember the 1st couple of weeks being shown some stretches to do, which I was pretty rubbish with at the time, but this definitely helped me on my road to recovery.

Also, in week 2 I did a running assessment to look at my running style and possible weaknesses that I had. The results were definitely an eye opener as I found that there was a definite imbalance on my left side and that my left leg was tending to hook in too much.

From then, I did a lot of the Physio work with Patrick who was fantastic. He did a lot of work on my ITB and adductor areas as well as showing me new stretches to do outside of the work we doing in the Physio room. Within 3 to 4 weeks I found that my issue was pretty much resolved and I was back clocking the times that I had done prior to the injury. This has included a 5 mile PB recently by over 2 mins at 32.02 which I was well chuffed with.

The Physio work has been so good by Patrick that I intend to keep on seeing him once a month in the build up to Manchester marathon which I am targeting in April. The best decision I made was to go and see Patrick,the programme is tailored to your needs and the use of technology more advanced than any other Physiotherapist I have seen prior. Really fantastic and I hope the advice will now lead me to a sub 3.15 at Manchester.”

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